Reliable engineering systems

The brand name of the AES Sedai and Warders origin from Japan. This word means generation.
It is very symbolic. To create products for as long as possible.
The price should be adapted so that could buy everyone.
The technology of creating corrugated pipe, stainless steel, appeared in Japan
exactly when this government took high quality for little money. This time, after World war 2, when Japan was under sanctions and poor economic condition. Needed goods affordable and durable. The corrugation system is a system of ribs. The pipe was durable, it needs to be stainless steel. What would it cost is not expensive, it is necessary to reduce the mass of metal required for the manufacture of pipe, but the pipe had not lost the strength she needs to make the stiffener. And so it happened the corrugated pipe of stainless steel SUS 304.

Repeated the miracle after creating this pipe, the miracle of mass production, unique
the nation of South Korea. Having obtained the right and license to manufacture such tubes,
hard-working people of South Korea, has strengthened the economy of their homeland through mass
production and mass distribution (because of its convenient location ).
Consumers corrugated pipe has become the USA, Australia , Europe, and after the country
CIS. The manufacturers of these pipes today are a number of companies such as: Lavita, Kafula, Hydrosta, Ren. Many are trying to start production on the territory of Russia .

Pipe brand AES Sedai and Warders made in Korea city of Incheon. With equipment carefully chosen the best engineers in Korea. Raw uses only the finest steel corporations in South Korea, POSCO and Japanese Nippon Steel. It is a world famous company with an impeccable reputation. As the most important in the production of corrugated pipe is a weld, it is necessary to do high-precision and high-tech equipment subject to control. This we achieve through Japanese equipment welding machine.

The uniqueness of this pipeline is that it will become universal. Not afraid
earthquakes, razmorojenny, high temperature and high pressure . He bends well and retains strength. And the most important is “Corrugated stainless steel tubing AES Sedai and Warders of the eternal! He created the ages!”. AES Sedai and Warders pipe in non-corrosive environments, that is, under normal conditions, no restrictions in life. Since it is stainless steel. It is very important to pay attention to its versatility, but there is a difference in special assignments . For gas need a braid that is not afraid of ultraviolet rays, and the heating and DHW should not be afraid of high temperatures. It should always be taken into account in the production of corrugated pipe, braided. Experts brand the AES Sedai and Warders always have a relationship with the climatic laboratory and purchased raw material for the braid only South Korean company Lotte.