Pipe corrugated stainless steel

Used in the systems of household-drinking purposes, hot and cold water, heating, gas, fire sprinkler systems, as well as technological pipelines transporting liquids that are not aggressive to the material of the pipe.

The advantages of corrugated stainless pipe

1. Security

Thanks to modern production technologies and good quality raw materials corrugated stainless tube perfectly resists the destructive effects of the environment, and the anodized finish protects unit from corrosion.

2. Easy to use

The tubing easy to bend without any additional equipment and therefore, the installation requires no additional equipment. Corrugated stainless steel tube can be used in various types of work.

3. The thermal efficiency

Corrugated stainless steel tubing has a high thermal efficiency due to the material of the pipe, which prevents the formation of oxygen, ozone and other gazoobrazovania inside of the pipeline.

4. Heat resistance

Corrugated stainless steel pipe has high heat resistance and at temperatures above 200°C retains its original properties.

5. Pressure resistance

Due to the corrugated surface of the tubing has the ability to absorb thermal expansion.

6. High hygienic characteristics

Corrugated stainless steel pipe is made of steel grade SUS 304, that allows its use in drinking water systems and in production – to transport food and chemical industries (low chemicals).

7. Efficiency

Compared to pipelines of other materials, installation of corrugated pipe in minutes, reducing installation costs.

8. Reliability

Corrugated stainless steel tubing has a high resistance to external vibrations and, due to the corrugated surface can absorb the underground strikes – therefore, this piping reliability during an earthquake.

Technical specification


Single-contact system of fittings for corrugated pipes in stainless steel.

Fittings for corrugated stainless steel pipes are represented by brass fittings, nickel-plated fittings, reinforced nickel-plated fittings, fittings for gas piping systems. The design of the fittings ensures reliable connection to the pipe and ensures reliability at high pressures, and a single-contact connection system allows to reduce the time and costs during installation.





Structure of brass fittings

Part of the fitting




Brass C3771


Locking ring

Brass С3771


Locking ring

Brass C3771


Sealing pad

Heat-proof Silicone


Fitting Body

Brass C3771

Operating pressure

16 bar

Distructive pressure

60 bar

Max. working temperature